From hoverboards to autonomous robo-capsules

Are heavy-weight fossil-fueled vehicles which take up 10sqm each really the best way to get around in densely populated cities? We bet you can do better and come up with something more appropriate. Take the 'fi' out of sci-fi!

E-mobility is the future

Ok, ok! Electric mobility is a big deal, we already established that. But do we need those hideous monoliths of charging infrastructure that line the streets? Seems a bit like an over-engineered solution from the last century, doesn't it? You can do better!

It's alive

Traffic systems, the electric grid, and sensor systems are the veins, nerves, and flesh of our cities. Technologies like Car2X and smart grids enable all kinds of new possibilities for connected infrastructure to make our lives better. What's your idea?

If you want to save the planet, better make it quick!

Pole caps are melting, biodiversity is declining, and global warming is happening. Reasons enough to act now and make the Energiewende a global best practice — with new storage technology or hydrogen producing algae, it's up to you!


The AtomLeap Collider Camp 2016 will run from August 29th to October 21st in Berlin and accelerate these startups!

Our Startups


Reliable, clean, off-grid power wind energy for everyone.


Transforming your old car into a smart car. Today.

AKA Intelligence

A robot companion to unify your IoT experience.


eScooters with quick-exchange batteries for intra-city logistics.

Tailored Motors

Bespoke electrical motors for projects of every size.

Crash Alerter

Accidents happen. Let’s make sure we optimise response times.


Augmented reality glasses and hands-free input on the go.


Focused on the healthiest kind of mobility.

Hello Fridge

Training AI to identify the bits and pieces that make a thing.

Collider Camp 2016 for Startups

AtomLeap developed the Collider Camp to accelerate the product, team, and business development of hardware startups. One key feature of our approach is to connect high-tech startups with established players to facilitate mutual insights and progress.

What we are looking for

We look for teams with digitized hardware ideas. We are an accelerator focused on making your venture ready to scale. We seek out teams with daring, scientifically grounded product ideas that will make people’s lives fundamentally more sustainable, connected, and healthy. Your team is a crucial point we will focus on while choosing this year’s participants.

What you get
in a nutshell

All for free

We take zero equity. Instead you’ll be introduced to our vast network of makers, entrepreneurs, and high-tech investors.


20+ mentors

Weekly workshops from engaging personalities provide the expertise, new perspectives, and tools to build your startup.

€ 1.500 per Team

Each team will get € 500 in cash for the basic stage, and € 1.000 if you make it to the advanced stage after the midterm event.

Coworking space

We have the right environment for you! You can access the Factory coworking space and the AtomLeap Werkstatt.

Tools and machinery

For hardware-related work you’ll have access to cutting edge machinery like CNC-routers, 3D printers, and pick & place machines.


No distractions. Just you, your team, and your project. AtomLeap will make sure, that you get the input you need and concentrate on what’s important.

Perks for our winners

Prizemoney in €

Dinner with investors

Continue working with AtomLeap

Voucher for professional hardware development

Basic corporate design package

Bottle of champagne

Our Partners

Our Supporters

Your time at Collider Camp

If your application is convincing you will be invited to Berlin and test your team, competencies, and flexibility with us. Ten teams will take part in our basic stage which will help them to answer questions such as: Which problem do we solve for our customer? How to protect your intellectual property? How to get your financial planning in shape? The basic stage will kick off with a whole week of input. We’ll then shift to a two-days-a-week mode.

At the mid-term event your pitch will decide whether your team makes it into the five-week advanced stage. During this stage you will dive deeper into your action plan for the next months to come and focus on iterating your prototypes. On Demo Day, you’ll get the chance to pitch your product — and progress — to the audience and the jury, who will elect the winners.


How do we get in? And do we need to submit a business plan?

Applications for the 2016 program open on May 30th. The eight week program will start at the end of August in Berlin. All the information we need is covered in the application form. A business plan and a pitch deck are optional but appreciated. If you have one, we’d love to see it.

Do we have to be present at all times? And what do we need to bring?

We will have designated times during which we organize workshops, keynotes and one on one sessions with experts for you. Those times will be mandatory to complete the program. In between, there will be times where your presence at the coworking space is highly appreciated but not compulsory. Please bring your own laptop, special tools and materials you know you will need and what common sense tells you to bring. Oh, and pack some fresh undies.

Do you provide accomodation? Do you help with visas and travel arrangements?

We do not provide any accommodation but there are plenty of possibilities in a city like Berlin. Plus, each team will get € 500 to cover expenses during the basic stage and another € 1.000 for the advanced stage. But we don’t provide visas and cannot assist with travel arrangements.

Do we need to have a proven idea before applying? And should we incorporate a company before applying?

We expect you to apply with a compelling idea relevant to the subject matter and have at least some kind of prototype already. If you have not already incorporated, we recommend that you wait. We provide legal assistance to fit the standard paperwork to your needs.

We've been working on our company/product for a while, is Collider Camp still a good fit for us?

Most likely. We’re interested in companies that have at least some sort of physical prototype or which are close to that stage.

Does AtomLeap invest in startups? And how is Collider Camp financed?

An investment is not part of Collider Camp. We may offer equity investments to some of our startups and will negotiate individual terms on a case-by-case basis. Our Collider Camp is financed by our generous partners and sponsors who are as eager as we are to get to know you! (And don’t worry: your IP stays yours)

What if we're building something that takes more than two months to develop?

Of course you do! After all, you’re not building some small app. The goal is to build a compelling prototype or demo and to help you professionalize your startup.

Do we receive funding if we are selected?

We do not provide initial funding, but you will receive € 500 during the basic stage and € 1.000 during the advanced stage of our program. This is meant to cover some of your living expenses. Then there’s the trophy money for that matter. We will make individual investment decisions during Collider Camp.

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