How do we get in? And do we need to submit a business plan?

Applications for the Accelerator Programme will open in July 2017! The workshops will start at the beginning of August and run until the end of September in Berlin. Further events will take place in October. So make sure you are free in those months to make the most of your time in the programme.
All the information we need is covered in the application form. A business plan and a pitch deck are optional but appreciated. If you have one, we’d love to see it.

Do we have to be present at all times? And what do we need to bring?

We will have designated times during which we organize workshops, keynotes and one on one sessions with experts for you. Those times will be mandatory to complete the programme. In between, there will be times where your presence at the coworking space is highly appreciated but not compulsory. Please bring your own laptop, special tools and materials you know you will need and what common sense tells you to bring. Oh, and pack some fresh undies.

Do you provide accommodation? And do you help with travel arrangements and visas?

We do not provide any accommodation but there are plenty of possibilities in a city like Berlin. Each time will get 800€ to finance their travel and stay. Unfortunately we also don’t provide visas and cannot assist with travel arrangements. But we can give you advice

Do we need a proven idea before applying? And should we incorporate a business beforehand?

We expect you to apply with a compelling idea relevant to the subject matter and have at least some kind of prototype already. If you have not already incorporated, we recommend that you wait. We provide legal assistance to fit the standard paperwork to your needs.

We have been working on our idea/product for a while. Is the programme still a good fit for us?

Most likely. We’re interested in companies that have at least some sort of physical prototype or which are close to that stage.

Does AtomLeap invest in Startups? And how is the Accelerator-Programme financed?

An investment is not part of the Programme. The teams have the chance to win € 10.000  on Demo Day. The Accelerator Programme is finance by the Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe (Senate office for the Economy, Energy and Business).In addition, we receive support from our partners and sponsors who are as eager as we are to get to know you! (And don’t worry: your IP stays yours)